What is a life coach?

Life coaches partner together with our clients in support of their goals and dreams. We help them recognize their goals, devise a plan and overcome any obstacles so that they can move forward to obtain the results that they desire. Most Life Coaches specialize in a particular area. For instance, there are Career Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches, Grief and Loss Coaches and so on. In short, we help our clients get from where they are now to where they want to be. 
As a Relationship Coaching Specialist I help my clients develop healthier relationships with themselves. When this is achieved we find that the other relationships in their lives that may have been suffering begin to improve, such as their relationships with other people, with food, alcohol, work, spirituality, self-image, exercise, etc.

How is Life Coaching different from psychotherapy and counseling?

Life Coaching differs from consulting and counseling in that we do not focus on teaching or advising our clients. Instead we motivate our clients, empowering them to find solutions and take action to create the future that they desire. This is not to say that we may not interject our own life experiences or education if and when it may be of help. But that is not our aim or focus.
Life Coaching differs from psychotherapy in that we tend to focus on the future rather than digging into the past or into the why of things. Rather than diagnosing problems and offering treatment, coaches aim to motivate and inspire. We give our clients the tools to self discovery enabling them to do more than they might have believed was possible on their own. Life Coaches are not a substitute for psychotherapy or psychiatry.  We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for mental illness. If we have reason to believe that our client is suffering from any form of mental illness we may refer them to a qualified specialist.

Who benefits from Life Coaching?

You may benefit from Life Coaching if;
  • you have a goal, a dream or desire but you feel stuck, anxious or afraid and are unable to move forward to achieve it.
  • you would like to improve your quality of life but don't know how.
  • you would like to improve your relationships.
  • you would like to improve your relationship with yourself, stop the self-doubt, self-criticism and negative inner dialogue that is holding you back from truly embracing your amazingness.
  • you struggle with weight, over spending, .... and are looking to overcome
  • you have experienced loneliness, loss, grief or other normal forms of emotional stress and would like to find peace and purpose again.
  • you are willing to be honest with yourself and do the work to achieve your goals.

Who would not benefit from Life Coaching?

You may not benefit from Life Coaching if;

  • you have been diagnosed or believe that you may be suffering with a mental illness. Please seek the expertise of a licensed mental health professional.
  • you wish to dive into your past to figure out why your life is the way it is.
  • you are seeking advice and want someone to tell you what to do.
  • you are wishing to come as a couple or group. I am not taking couples or groups at this time. However, that does not mean that your relationship cannot be improved by one on one coaching. Please call me and we will discuss your needs and goals.

What is a coaching package?

After our free initial consultation I will draw up a package according to the clients needs and goals and what I believe it will take to achieve them. This will include a fixed price and fixed number of sessions.

What is your hourly rate?

I prefer not to charge by the hour believing that it presents a conflict of interest. What motivation would I have to help you reach your goal if I could be making more money by drawing out the process? Rather, I will create a fixed package according to my clients needs and goals and what I believe is a reasonable time period to attain those goals. *Results will, of course, be dependent on the participation and effort given by the client.

What kind of result can I expect?

Results differ from client to client. Most of what you can expect will be dependent on the amount of effort you choose to put into the process.  We will work together to develop suitable action steps to support your new thought processes. This is not a race. However, it is only when the client takes proper action that they can hope to see the results that they want.

Can you ensure confidentiality?

Of course! Certified Life Coaches are bound to a Code of Ethics under the International Coaching Federation. We will not discuss the contents of any of our coaching sessions to anyone other than for educational purposes within the coaching field. Your identity will always be kept strictly confidential. In fact, for your privacy,  if we were to run into each other anywhere outside of the coaching situation I would not acknowledge you. Any greeting would be initiated by you only if you desire.

What is CBT?

CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a practice that uses the reframing of thoughts, the recognition of resulting emotions and the application of action steps to move the client from a place of fear, anxiety or stagnation forward toward their goals.

What do you specialize in?

I am certified as a Relationship Coaching Specialist. I use relationship with self as a method to approach relationship with other people and with those things, such as food, money, grief, loneliness, etc. that may be out of balance in our lives.
I am also trained in Marriage Coaching, Grief Coaching, Stress and Personality Type, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

May I hire you to speak at my event?

Definitely yes! If you would like me to speak at your event please contact me through the contact page on this site. Let me know what the format will be, how many guests I will be addressing, what you would like me to speak about, how many sessions and for how long each. Please include a description of your organization along with your contact information and I will get back to you with my information package and pricing.

Do you put on workshops?

Yes, I will be offering workshops on The Single Thought Method, Benefiting From a Healthy Personal Relationship with Self and The 12 Essentials for Healthy and Satisfying Relationships. Please contact me if you would like me to offer a workshop for your church or group.

Is your approach faith based?

My approach to Life Coaching is not faith based however, it is compatible with most mainstream faith traditions.

Do you coach couples or groups?

My approach to coaching couples is with a one-on-one model. I find that a healthy personal relationship with ourselves is the first step toward achieving health in our relationships with others. So I meet with each individual separately. From time to time I may ask the partners to join together for a session or two if the circumstances dictate such.
Group coaching is a wonderful way to benefit from coaching at a much reduced price in a safe and compassionate environment. My clients also find it beneficial to gain the perspective of others who have similar goals and may be experiencing similar frustrations.

How does tele-coaching work?

I am happy to receive my clients in person or by phone. If you chose tele-coaching then I will send you a private phone number with an access code that you will call at the time of our session. Most of my clients find that tele-coaching is a very comfortable way to approach the coaching process. There is a certain anonymity to not being seen that often makes clients feel more open. They are better able to share their truth without feeling so exposed as they might in person. However, I am flexible to whatever is most comfortable to you.