Coach, Coach Thyself



Recently I was coaching someone who abuses others in order to numb the pain of their own abuse. I explained how their actions could lead to their victims eventually abusing others to numb their own pain as well and on and on it will go. A potentially never ending cycle.

I’ve mentioned to you all before that I struggle with feelings of loneliness and a sense of unworthiness brought on by childhood circumstance. After the above conversation I had to ask myself if I too am hurting others as I choose unhealthy ways to numb my pain. And the answer must be “yes” as my feelings of unworthiness lead to my neglecting others even in my longing to connect. Something I am now aware of that I can learn, grow and heal from as I apply appropriate action steps. Growth that will not be easy but that is now possible because of this new revelation.

I love what life coaching brings out in me. As I work to help others find peace and contentment in their own relationships I can’t help but grow right along with them. It makes me even more grateful for each one of my clients.

What an incredible career path!!!

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