It took courage and sacrifice

to step away from your faith.

Now, you're ready to live a life



Hey friend!

After more than 45 years as a sold-out believer I know the pain, the fear, the isolation and the grief of choosing to walk away from your faith. It was out of my own pain of deconversion that I developed a deep desire to help others in their journey to discover just how fulfilling a life beyond faith can actually be.

You don’t have to do this alone. I'm not here to tell you what to believe or to point you toward another religious path. But I am here to hold space for you as you work it out, I'm here to provide the tools that will help you to discover your wisdom, your worth, your values, and your truth. I'm here to help you to reclaim your joy and find the confidence to step into the life that you see for yourself.



Karen's gentle yet powerful coaching style draws forth the awareness that's buried deep inside in every one of us. Discussing fears and doubts is never any fun, but with Karen, her patience and compassion creates a safe environment that welcomes vulnerability. In fact, you wouldn't even realize how deep you're going until you feel your own profound moments of clarity!  You'll learn that Karen is genuinely with you every step of the way, through the ups and downs that life throws our way (the downs we give ourselves, too). I hope her love and light touches as many souls as possible. The world is a better place with her.


During my three sessions with Karen I received more valuable information than I could have ever expected. It allowed me time to look at WHO I AM - what makes me UNIQUE and how does this translate to my future goals and fulfillment. I will use the WHEEL OF LIFE for a check and balance for years to come. Karen is inspirational and doing one of her LIFES CALLINGS. It motivates me to do so as well. 


As I drove away from our open house, family in the car, I started crying and realized...I took steps in 3 big areas to "inflate my tire".... Thank you so much Karen for asking me to meet with you. It was all there... I was so close to taking big steps but meeting with you helped me realize just how important they were to my overall well being. 


This spring I had the great pleasure of consulting with Karen Davis as I developed my business plan and put some big ideas into action. Her thoughtfully lead conversations helped me focus my energies and come to understand myself better. I would absolutely recommend [her] if you've got any big questions or decisions on your mind, or even if you think you would benefit from a little clarity and guidance on your current path.